Having the privilege to be the builder of the St. Jude Dream Home, which we’ve done since 2019, is one we take to heart. First and foremost, it is our pleasure to be able to take the reins on this project, which means so much to so many people, but none more than the families of those affected by childhood cancers and pediatric diseases. The fundraising efforts pursued in each year’s giveaway are to ensure those families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food during these difficult times.

The St. Jude Dream Home is the culmination of ideas and inspiration, paired with the strength and dedication of each and every person involved in this effort year after year.

Not only are we proud to donate our time and materials to bring this home to life, but we also have the opportunity to design and create this dream home much like we do for all of our clients. And in doing so, we get to showcase modern styles and trends that have become synonymous with MC Homes builds in a unique way.

Oftentimes, we draw inspiration from the lives of our clients and the future they look forward to spending in their new homes. But some clients don’t have as much direction or input as others, in which case, it is our pleasure to take control of any and every design decision that is being made. The St. Jude Dream Homes are an example of what we can accomplish with little to no input, designing with luxury living first and foremost in mind.

That being said, getting to see such a beautiful home come to life is one thing… but knowing the impact it is going to make with the money it raises in the end, that is priceless. And that’s why we are so proud to continue to undertake this project each year.