This family home in Fancy Farm, Kentucky is a wonderful example of making something old completely new again. This family only knew they wanted an open floor plan with a basement, and that was all we needed to get started. For this home, we created everything from the floor plan to the design and concept from this one practical request.


For the exterior, we went with a batten board siding to give it a country feel with a touch of modernity. We paired that with a sand white mortar and black windows to create a lovely contrast that didn’t take anything away from the classic exterior. 


Back inside, we added vaulted ceilings to the open floor plan of the kitchen and living area to really open the space up and make it easy to keep an eye on the young kids. We redid the existing fireplace to create a rustic focal point for the open space and stained the entryways to match the ceiling and create a common thread throughout.


Maximizing space was the goal for this project, and you’ll find evidence of that throughout, from the enormous living space to the incredible bedrooms and their gigantic walk in showers. This space feels right in its place in Fancy Farm.