Sometimes, our clients have many ideas and plans laid out. But other clients, like the owners of this home, aren’t entirely sure on some of the specifics. Which is completely fine as far as we’re concerned. We love to take the reins and create a plan catered specifically for you. We can take care of as much, or as little, of the decision making you require, right down to every last detail.


In this instance, those ideas came easily and in abundance. At the time of construction, this family was young, but growing, and wanted something economical, but scalable. For the design, we went the traditional route, which allowed us to create more bang for their buck. There aren’t a lot of frills, but it is loaded with style and elegance.


What we ended up with was the perfect home for the Beasley’s, with some room to grow. Which was a good thing, because they have since filled that extra space! In addition, the traditional style choices allowed us to upgrade the shower to the height of luxury, giving this family all they had hoped for, and more.